Saturday, October 1, 2011

The Detox Challenge

On October 3, 2011 I have decided to try the infamous lemon and cayenne pepper detox. I have looked in the mirror a couple of times and realized that I am not pleased with what I have seen. My birthday is approaching on the 14th of this month and I will be turning 30 and addition to my birthday I want to look “slim and trim” or as my sister puts it “skintay” for the day of my wedding and of course pictures. I have decided to try the detox for ten days and during this challenging time I would like to share the obstacles I am enduring along with the side effects and the setbacks (hopefully I will not have any). My current weight is 175 and I will love to lose 50 pounds in ten days but I think that is a little optimistic, therefore I will like to lose twenty pounds and continue with weight strategies after the detox.  

The present time is 2:28 am EST on October 2, 2011 and I have one day left where I can eat solids. Oh I forgot to share a most important factor is that I will be weaning my one year off the breast in the process (tear*). Well off to bed I go to prepare for my Sunday feast. Will I pig out!? Of course I am!! Do not judge me!!

Sunday was the day that I was supposed to “grub out”, so disappointing! Before I went to bed which was around 3 am, I did manage to sneak a hot dog in!! My fiancé feel asleep with two hot dogs smothered with that god awful canned chili but I could not resist I demolished that hot dog like nobody business and wipe my mouth shamefully. I also sneaked back in the kitchen and grab a Nutty Bar and stuffed my sports bar with those little chewy candies and tootsie rolls. My theory was if I wanted to get all the “badness out” I needed to do it the RIGHT WAY!!!
Okay since I wanted to stay up way passed my bedtime GUESS WHAT?? Yes, of course I started my day late and the grubbing that I looked forward to do not happen. My mother, sister, brother, and nieces came over and I immediately begin preparing dinner. The menu consisted of baked chicken, cabbage, and rice. Yes Really!? How could this be the day I was supposed to be bad I am eating everything healthy? Even my snacking food was healthy; crabmeat.  At 11:30 PM I grabbed some potato chips and some seltzer water and some more little chewies and tootsie rolls before 12 am. Then I grabbed my baby boy and cuddled and breast feed him for the last time (tear*). What tomorrow holds we shall see…

Okay Can I Please Have A Do over? (Monday)
I have learned that I do not have self control. On Monday I woke up and made my drink up for the entire day. I felt confident and knew that I had what it took to do this and stick with it until I had to make my son breakfast. Feeding him I had the urge to place the spoon in my mouth (oh what such torture).  Although the spoon was calling me I resisted and walked off a proud self control person. I took a sip of my drink and it was HOT!!! It tasted as if I was drinking a big bottle of Texas Pete hot sauce. I went back online to see if I placed too much cayenne pepper in the mixture and of course I did. Instead of me placing a teaspoon of cayenne pepper in the drink I dumped 2 big tbsps. Not willing to pour out the drink mix and start over I continued to drink it. My stomach burned the entire day but those ingredients were too expensive and we are in a recession right!!
My self controlled continue until it was lunch and I warmed my son the leftovers from Sunday. I smelled the aromas of the rice, chicken, and cabbage and I wanted it. After feeding my son and I convinced myself if I it a small portion I will be okay and cabbage is a vegetable so I am good right? I fixed myself a small baby bowl of cabbage which honestly helped me and took away the headache that I forgot to mention. Doing this held me over until dinner time and I was cooking Hamburger Helper. I am not a big fan of Hamburger Helper but why on this particular day this pot of Helper Burger looked like a gourmet dinner. I fixed everyone plates and I really wanted some so I did it I got a spoon and tasted it and the urge was gone!! Thank God it was time for bed.
I have not posted in a couple of days because I have ended the fast detox. I researched and discovered that this fast in particular will cause major weight loss but at the same time one will lose muscle mass and I cannot afford to lose ANY muscle.  This why I have decided to still drink the detox and when I eat now I fix my food in a little bowl. Doing this will modify my food portions and adding exercise back to my regime will get my body in shape, which is much needed. Let’s see how that goes?!  I know that I lack self discipline and this is reason for my weight gain. Now that I know I lack self discipline I will now try to conquer this so that I can gain control over my life. I will keep the title of this blog as Detoxify because I still will be detoxifying myself; my body and my mind.